Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Veli tourist village

I have been traveling within and outside Kerala for many years and each travel gives me opportunity to explore unknown areas and cultures. I love road trips and do road trips whenever possible.

I saw the veli lake side walkway on my first trip to Thiruvananthapuram (trivandrum) itself, which was long ago. I got a chance to visit the place only recently and me and my better half started with a perception of a not that bad beach side location. A blog by Subu inspired me to take the decision to fix veli tourist village as the destination for my next outing.

We started our trip from Kumarapuram. The destination is just 10 minutes away, but I never did an attempt.

After this trip the calmness  and natural beauty of this place made me decided to make this place my small outing destination. This is one of the most picturesque picnic spots. 

My thought of photography was completely changed this trip. My perception of photography was like "The sceneries exists in canvas only and photographers makes the sceneries that much beautiful with camera tricks by adjusting exposure, shutter speed etc," But this trip made me believe that "Beautiful sceneries exists in nature". I have scene such a beautiful sunset never before in my life and i truly missed this for many past years, due to my negligence, my ignorance about the beautiful place i knew years before. This experience reminded me of the famous Malayalam quote "The jasmine on ones courtyard has no smell."

Also this trip made me worry about my lack of knowledge in photography and operating DSLR cameras. A strong desire to learn photography raised in inner me. I have some clicks with my mobile camera.

About Veli tourist village:

Veli lagoon, separated from the Arabian sea by a narrow sand bar, The Veli Tourist Village at this place has fresh water fishing ponds and pools with facilities for boating. Both pedal boats, paddleboats can be hired to explore the lake's beauty. Also speed boats are available. A landscaped garden and the children's play ground are connected by a floating bridge. Children's play ground connects the village to the beach.

Visiting hours are Open 0700 - 1800 hrs, but i prefer the evening when you can enjoy the sun set that draws beautiful picture on the clouds.

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