Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thenmala dam and eco-tourism spot

This was an unplanned family trip with Mom, brothers, sister and obviously my better half. As usual our locomotor was the Toyota etios, comfortable for 6 members.

We were at home engaged in loose talking and suddenly the subject changed to driving and trips, my favourite topic and finally and obviously somebody suggested a trip and there was an argument about the destination. It was already 11. am and after the arguments we fixed Thenmala as our destination. Reason why Thenmala was selected was an article on the news paper last day about the new facilities related to the eco friendly adventures established at Thenmala and the newly inaugurated boating facility there in, the decision was finalised by 11.50 and discussed with my father was by 12.00 noon and we started preparation. Finally we managed to start by 1.00pm.

My brother discussed about the route and with his friend who is a regular biker and I checked the maps(Obviously Google Map) and fixed the route. The roads were looking smooth with jerking surface. This is the expected condition of roads in Kerala.

So me and my wife along with my brother and sister started in my Etios GD and we followed google maps to navigate. By the time we reached Thenmala, some of the events/entries where closed. But we walked over to the top of the reservoir. It was pleasant cool atmosphere with moist air. 

The reservoir looked like a big wall when we look from below, but once we are on top of it, the volume of water inside scared me. It looked like a dangerous scary wild animal taking rest, anything can happen anytime. Water reservoirs are one of the symbols of human greed to control wild nature with help of science.

There is a small garden near one end of the reservoir wall and a small Tea shop. The walk ways to the top are filled with greenery. Our cameras kept on flashing except on top of the reservoir, where photography is banned for security reason.But many people kept on flashing cameras hiding from the guards.

After that we had food from a small local restaurant, food was not so good but hunger made us forget quality and hygiene. I talked to one of the guards there and understood there are many ec-friendly constructions going on like butterfly park, children's park etc. After sun set we headed to watch the dancing water fountain laser show. The laser and fountain danced with some south Indian melody track and it was soothing for eyes.

After the fountain we started to finalise our short but memorable trip and returned home. It was by 8.00 PM.

If you have a full day and you plan well, there are more than enough enjoyments for a full Day.

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